The Great Gatsby

Web Design
Click & Collect System

Web Design

Gatsby - Taco & Cocktail Bar

The legend of division street - over a decade of parties with pals, banging booze, Mexican street food scran & a brand spankin' new website to showcase that.

The Process

You'd probably be surprised how many people look up bars and restaurants online before they decide to visit, even fan fave hangouts like Gatsby.

If you don't have a website, they're not going to find anything, it's as simple as that & Gatsby's online presence was somewhat lacking, so we had to hook them up.

The Result

Because Gatsby's online footprint was next to none existent we built them a website optimised to achieve consistently good search results. Bespoke to their needs, the website was built in our easy to use content management system, meaning edits to the menu, images & text is easily managed in house.

As well as design, build and hosting, we offered training, maintenance, support, consulting and custom development in the shape of a "click and collect" system they so aptly called "The Great Hatchby".

Since launching their new site, Gatsby have seen an increase of traffic directly from organic search of 120%, resulting in an increase in bookings, which let's face it - is what it's all about!

Images by Pedalo Photography